Plenary and Keynote Speakers

Exploration on energy efficiency standard and green development of air conditioning products in China
Jianhong Cheng

Cheng Jianhong, Professor of China national institute of standardization. Mainly engaged in research and formulation of standardization and label, energy-saving technology, policies and measures in the fields of energy saving and environmental protection. Holding a position of the Vice Chairman of Energy System and the Managing Director of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, among other roles.

Detailed interpretation of Energy and Emissions Building Performance Standard for Existing Buildings-ANSI/ASHRAE/lES Standard 100-2024
Ginger Scoggins

Ginger Scoggins, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, is ASHRAE’s President for the 2023-24 term. Scoggins previously served on the ASHRAE Board of Directors as president-elect, treasurer, vice president and director and regional chair.  

For her time and dedication to ASHRAE and the industry, she is the recipient of the Exceptional Service Award and Distinguished Service Award. She chaired the ASHRAE Building Headquarters Ad Hoc committee, leading the Society’s $20 million fully net-zero-energy building renovation project.

In addition to her time served on the Board of Directors, Scoggins has served as chair of the Appointments Roadmap Committee, chair of the Members Council, coordinating officer of the Communications Committee, coordinating officer of the Conferences and Exposition Committee, coordinating officer of the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee, coordinating officer of the Honors and Awards Committee, coordinating officer of the Membership Promotion Committee, coordinating officer of the Research Promotion Committee and coordinating officer of the Student Activities Committee.

She has also served as the ASHRAE representative to the Technical Advisory Committee of the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Fund, is a member of the United Nations Environment Programme and is a member ASHRAE Task Force for Building Decarbonization, among other Society participation. Her’s theme highlights the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, examines measures to reduce human impact on the natural environment and offers strategies for making the built environment more resilient and sustainable. She has 35 years of experience as a licensed mechanical engineer and is a certified commissioning agent and certified energy manager. She is the president and owner of Engineered Designs, Inc. in Cary, N.C. – a full-service consulting engineering firm – where she works on the design and commissioning of projects ranging from $4 to $90 million in construction cost. Her focus is on designing high-performing buildings across a wide variety of markets.

Research and Promotion of International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Standardization
Colin Taylor

Colin is a Senior Manager on the Climate team, leading impacts modeling and financial mechanisms to support market transformation for cooling and beyond. He brings over seven years of energy efficiency and finance experience. Prior to joining CLASP, Colin lived in Jamaica where he co-founded a consulting business focused on clean energy policies and projects. He holds a B.A. in International Politics & Economics from Middlebury College and an M.A. in International Economics and Energy, Resources, and Environment from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Outside of work, Colin enjoys traveling to find the best hiking trails and camping spots.

Research and Development of Next-Generation Refrigerants and Refrigeration Systems in Japan
Akio Miyara

Dr. Akio Miyara has been a Professor at Saga University since 2003, and a WPI Visiting Professor at the Research Center for NEXT-RP of Kyushu University. His research interests include thermophysical properties of next-generation refrigerants, condensation and boiling heat transfer of low-GWP pure and mixture refrigerants, and ground source heat pumps. He is conducting a NEDO Project related to low GWP refrigerants. He served as a vice President, and an Asian-Academic Collaboration Promotion Committee Chair of JSRAE (Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). He also served as the President of the ASHRAE Japan chapter. He contributes as an editorial board member of the International Journal of Refrigeration, Applied Thermal Engineering, and others.

Overview of cooling policies and technology trend in India
Kishore Kumar

Experienced energy sector professional with over 13 years of international expertise spanning energy, climate, finance, sustainability, and market transformation initiatives. Demonstrated leadership in combating climate change through the development and enhancement of appliance efficiency policies. Proven track record of collaborating with governmental, non-governmental, and private sector entities to design, develop, manage, and implement impactful programs across India, Brazil and Southeast Asia. Possesses strong passion for working in climate change mitigation, doubling energy efficiency initiatives, Net zero goals, and sustainability. Highly motivated team player dedicated to protecting the planet and enhancing livelihoods.  Kishore holds a master's degree in Energy Systems, reflecting his expertise and specialization in the field.

Overview of cooling policies and technology trend in India
Prasun Pandey

Prasun Pandey works with CLASP India. At CLASP he primarily works on cooling related energy efficiency policies and programs with a specific focus on agricultural cold chain. In the past, he has helped businesses develop and implement sustainable growth strategies. He holds a master’s degree in management from TERI School Of Advanced Studies, Delhi.

The latest development trend of ISO HVAC test and evaluation method-
Yang Cao

Cao Yang, Professorate Senior Engineer, PhD Supervisor, Deputy Dean of Institute of Building Environment and Energy, Vice Director of National Solar Water Heater Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute, as well as Heating Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development(MOHURD), Secretary-General of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (SAC/TC143/SC4), member of Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment (SAC/TC238), member and team expert of ISO/TC86, expert of MOHURD Assessment Standard for Green Building Expert Committee, member of the Expert Committee on Intelligent Buildings of the Construction Industry Association of MOHURD, Member of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS) Special Committee for End-User, Editorial Board Member of the Journal of HV & AC and Chinese Journal of Refrigeration Technology, among other roles.

Engaged in standardization of equipment and engineering system, as well as practice and research of testing method, energy-saving technology, and control strategy of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and purification equipment for a long time. He has undertaken and participated in three major national scientific and technological projects during the ‘Eleventh Five-Year Plan’, ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’, and ‘Thirteenth Five-Year Plan’. He has edited four ISO standards and more than 20 national and industry standards, and led the completion of major renovation and design projects, including the central air conditioning and ventilation system renovation design for the Great Hall of the People II, and the air conditioning system renovation design for the exhibition hall of the China Revolution History Museum.

The Brazilian air conditioner industry: challenges and opportunities for energy efficiency improvement
Edilaine Camillo

Dr. Edilaine Camillo holds an MSc and a PhD in Scientific and Technological Policies from the University of Campinas, Brazil. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a senior researcher and consultant on energy transition policies, industrial development, and energy efficiency for the Brazilian government and other local and international organizations. Since 2022, she has been leading a research project on the air-conditioner industry to understanding the challenges to improve the energy efficiency of products available in Brazilian market. In 2023, she began working as an institutional advisor for the CLASP Brazil Program. As part of her current activities, she has been supporting the Brazilian government in improving their procedures for public procurement of split air-conditioners.

 Energy-Saving Technology and Evaluation Methods for Air Conditioning Running
Xianlin Wang

Wang Xianlin,Director of Household Air Conditioning Technology Development Department, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai.

Development Pathways of Key Low-Carbon Technologies for Heating and Cooling Equipment
Xiaosong Zhang 

Zhang Xiaosong, native of Gaochun, Jiangsu Province. He holds a PhD in Engineering and currently serves as the Chief Professor and PhD Supervisor at Southeast University. He is also the Director of Engineering Research Center of Building Equipment, Energy, and Environment, Ministry of Education for Energy-Saving in Low-Carbon Building Environment Equipment and Systems.

He concurrently holds Managing Director of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, Director of E3 Council of International Institute of Refrigeration, Director of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics. He is recognized as an expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council.

 As the project leader and primary award recipient, he has been honored with the National Technical Invention Award (Second Prize), as well as the First Prize in both the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Achievement Awards. He has been granted more than 170 national invention patents and has published nearly 300 academic papers in core domestic and international journals.

Flexible heat pump and energy storage technology for high efficiency solar energy utilization
Wei Wu

Dr. Wu Wei, Associate Professor and Master's Program Director at City University of Hong Kong, is a national-level young talent (Hong Kong and Macao). He obtained his bachelor's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2010 and his PhD from Tsinghua University in 2016. In 2013, he served as a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland in the United States, and in 2016, he became a visiting researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. Since 2018, he has been serving as an Assistant Professor and later Associate Professor (with early tenure) at City University of Hong Kong.

His research focuses on efficient heat pumps, high-density energy storage, advanced thermal management, renewable thermal energy utilization, and zero-energy buildings. He has published over 150 academic papers, including more than 110 SCI papers. He holds 15 granted patents and has applied for 8 patents in China and the United States. Dr. Wu has authored one English monograph published by Springer Nature. He has received numerous awards and honors, including the International Institute of Refrigeration's Willis H. Carrier Young Researcher Award, the U.S. NIST Outstanding Researcher Award, recognition as a Top 2% Global Scientist by Stanford University (three consecutive years), the Global Energy and Environmental Outstanding Young Scholar Award, the National HVAC Outstanding Youth Award, the Tsinghua University Special Scholarship, and the Tsinghua University Academic Newcomer Award. He has been awarded two Geneva International Invention Gold Medals and four Asia International Invention Gold Medals. Dr. Wu has been recognized with several Outstanding Paper awards from the Chinese Association of Refrigeration, Beijing Refrigeration Society, and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. He serves as an expert in solar heating and cooling (SHC) and heat pump technology (HPT) for the International Energy Agency. Additionally, he is an editorial board member for multiple SCI journals.

Intelligent Impact on Energy Efficiency and Standards of Multi-Split Systems
Huanxin Chen

Chen Huanxin,PhD,Professor, PhD Supervisor, and outstanding young talent in science and technology of the Ministry of Railways. He is currently the Director of the Department of Refrigeration and Low-Temperature Engineering at the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University.

He has led and participated in over 30 projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and Technology Support Program, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and various planned projects funded by the Ministry of Railways, Hunan Province, and Wuhan City. He has published over 100 academic papers, co-authored 2 textbooks, and supervised more than 60 master's students (with over 40 graduates), 12 PhD students, and 13 postdoctoral researchers.

Chen Huanxin serves as a member of the E2 Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration, an academic committee member of the National Key Laboratory of Compressors, a committee member of the Low-Temperature Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration, a committee member of the Expert Committee for China Refrigeration Exhibition, an expert committee member of the Professional, Academic, and Research Forum for China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, a committee member of Refrigeration(SAC/TC119), and a committee member of Energy Fundamentals and Management. He is also an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Refrigeration, the Journal of HVAC & AC, Refrigeration Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Gas.

Scroll Compressor Development with Environment-Friendly Refrigerants
Gaofeng Ji

Senior research and development manager for scroll compressor, Guangdong Mezhi Compressor Ltd (GMCC). Ji Gaofeng have been working in HVACR field for 19 years, especially for scroll compressors development, provided multiple environment-friendly compressor products and solutions for OEMs and the industrial.

Heat pump using natural refrigerants
Markus Wypior

Markus Wypior has over 25 years of experience in project management, bilateral and multilateral development co-operation, policy advisory and strategic planning in telecommunications, energy, environment and climate change.

At present he is responsible for the Energy Transition (“EnTrans”) component under the Sino-German Energy Partnership.  Prior to this assignment he was leading the project “Energy transition with DISCOMs” and a project on district cooling within the Indo-German Energy Programme. From 2012 – 2015 he established the support office of the Indo-German Energy Forum. From 2005 – 2012 he implemented numerous projects in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in Asia. After joining GIZ in 2003 he was responsible for the thematic areas "environmental protection and energy management" at the China desk in GIZ’s headquarters.

Prior to joining GIZ he worked as a consultant mainly in telecommunications and other infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia. Markus Wypior graduated as an economist (Master’s degree equivalent) from University of Bonn in 1997. Before entering university, he joined the German industrial conglomerate Mannesmann AG as a trainee and worked thereafter first as sales officer for energy tubes and later as procurement officer in the field of energy and environmental technology.

Progress of energy efficiency testing technology for cooling and heating equipment
Haibin Fan

Fan Haibin, Professorate Senior Engineer, member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. He also serves as the Deputy Director and Secretary-General of Fluid Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Vice Chairman of Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment (SAC/TC238), and Chairman of the Anhui Refrigeration Association.

He has mainly engaged in research of refrigeration(heat pump) technology, testing technology and field of building energy saving. Systematically analyzing the adaptability of high-temperature heat pump system configurations to low-grade industrial waste heat in a multidimensional manner, he has developed high-temperature heat pump technology and established a rational and comprehensive evaluation system for high-temperature heat pumps. Fan Haibin has conducted research on the application of environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R32 and CO2 in the industrial and commercial refrigeration industry, leading the domestic development direction of HFCs refrigerant alternatives in the industry.

He has a profound understanding of the performance characteristics and design methods of key equipment in new-type temperature and humidity independent control air conditioning systems. He has also established optimization design methods and energy-saving operation control strategies for existing building heating and cooling source systems. Additionally, he has developed key equipment and evaluation methods for multi-energy complementary energy systems, playing a crucial role in reducing the energy consumption of building HVAC systems and promoting the development of green buildings.

Key technologies for the innovative solar driven heating and cooling systems
Xudong Zhao

Zhao Xudong, Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, Founding Director and Chief Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Energy technology(CSET) at the University of Hull, and Vice Director of the Energy & Environment Institute(EEI). He has long been committed to advancing renewable energy and sustainable development, and is a globally renowned scholar in the field. Over his career spanning more than 30 years, he has led or participated in funded projects totaling over £25 million, supported by entities such as the EU, EPSRC, Royal Society, Innovate-UK, Royal Academy of Engineering, China Ministry of Science and Technology, and various industries. Additionally, he has been involved in over 40 engineering consultancy projects, valued at £5 million, and has applied for 14 patents.

Until now, he has supervised 38 PhD students and 28 postdoctoral researchers, published 293 papers in high-impact journals, with 9,023 citations on Google Scholar, a h-index of 49, and an i10-index of 161. Over the past five years, his citation frequency has increased by 60%. He was included in the "2017 World's Highly Cited Researchers List" and is the editor or contributor to 8 books. Zhao Xudong has organized and delivered over 30 international conferences.

His research in areas such as solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic/(photovoltaic/thermal), heat pumps, sustainable heating and cooling has reached a world-leading level. He was included in the '2017 World's Most Highly Cited Researchers List' and 'World Top 2% Scientists 2020 List'. He has received awards such as the '2018 UK Rushlight Innovation Award', '2019 Newton Prize Finalists Award', 'European Dragon-STAR Innovation Silver Award (2nd place) - 2015', and 'World Society of Sustainable Energy Technology 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round Innovation Awards'. He was nominated for the ‘2018 World Eni Awards’.

Currently, he serves as a member of the EPSRC Engineering Prioritisation Panel, Executive Director of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies, Executive Director of the International Conference Series for Sustainable Energy Technologies, committee member of the European District Heating and Cooling Technology Platform, and editorial board member for several journals including 'Energy', 'Energy Conversion and Management', 'Renewable Energy', 'Energies’, 'Future Cities and Environment', 'Frontiers in Built Environment and Mechanical Engineering', 'Heat Exchangers', 'Sustainable Cities and Society', 'Journal of Architectural Research and Development (JARD)', 'Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning', and 'Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.'

Efficient and intelligent environmental control solutions help low-carbon upgrading of buildings
Jun Wang

Introduction of Wang Jun from Midea. 
He is a Registered Utility Engineer and currently serves as the chief engineer of system solutions at Midea general refrigeration equipment company. He has participated in the design and implementation of energy stations and HVAC systems for many domestic landmark projects, and has rich practical experience in building various HVAC systems.

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